I’m no longer on anybody’s feed.

30 05 2016

That’s just conjecture, but I think it’s pretty reasonable. I’m updating this now only to convince myself I still have a blog, not because I’m under any illusion that I’ll be able to resume keeping it.

We just bought a house, I just got a really cool new job, and we have a one year old. It’s awesome but, you know, it’s pretty time consuming.

XCOM 2 is fantastic, of course; I actually made some super niche mods for it, which maybe you might like?


Things are awesome for me. I hope they’re awesome for you. ❤



3 10 2013

Pre-order for XCOM:EW is up. Make no mistake, I fully support TB’s view on pre-ordering games. It’s a sign of impatience and totally unnecessary; bad even, since you can’t guarantee the game will deliver on expectations. (E.G. Aliens: Colonial Marines.) That said, I Kickstarted (pre-ordered) Torment, and I pre-ordered XCOM:EU. I believe in the Interplay-in-Exile team. And I believe in Firaxis.

My money is now where my mouth is.


This has been a Youtube-tastic weekend.

29 09 2013

Okay, so…this finally happened.

Also, more Don’t Starve.

And a really silly whim.

If none of these are good, it may be a sign that I shouldn’t do more than one in a weekend.


25 07 2011

I’m right here, I swear.

I am playing Magicka and Revenge of the Titans…neither of which is am MMO, but they are very low in the time-commitment scale, which allows me to paint. I am painting two armies of miniatures. The first is my original space marine army, which I am “remastering”. I’m going over each model in the army and adding much needed detail work (which, after two years, is very welcome to my eyes). The second army is a new one: Grey Knights. I’m going all-out for a “Draigo-wing” (a very low number of 2 wound terminators with serious attitude).

I’m talking about Warhammer 40k, for those of you who are curious and don’t know. It’s a game that can get ludicrously expensive if you either 1. have kids, 2. don’t do most of your shopping on eBay, or 3. don’t have kids.

I still sub to Rift, but honestly haven’t logged in for two weeks. I don’t want to un-sub, but my desire to play compared to my lack of ability to fit it in with other games is something else entirely.

I have not yet pre-ordered TOR. I do intend to play it when it hits the shelves. Honestly I remember “early access” in other games being a painful debacle of waiting in log in queues and frequent server resets (volitional or otherwise) so I’ll just wait to start playing for a week or two after launch.

This Saturday I get to try In Nomine for the first time; reputed to be as much a morality play as a roleplaying game, I’m excited. Especially considering the GM: he’s a literary professor (in nerd culture…no joke) and he’s remarkably good at GMing.


13 07 2011

This game is the best $8 (steam-sale, included all the DLC) I’ve spent on a game in a long time. You’re a mage. You’re fragile and it’s easy to die or even kill yourself (I kept setting myself on fire with close range fireballs…fights get crazy). That’s the only bad stuff.

The good stuff is that you have eight “elements” at your control and by quickly keying up combinations of them you can wield  various magicks. There are few guidelines and some random combinations that are incantations…but otherwise you are expected to experiment and figure stuff out. I figured out that combining Arcane magic with Fire or Lighting (or both) makes a pretty devastating laser-like power; Earth + Armor on myself is stone skin, or on the ground is a wall…a wall that I can light on fire (Earth + Armor + Fire cast on the ground). I don’t want to spoil more. Go buy it, especially if it’s on sale. Just expect to die a lot; it brings back an almost old school Nintendo level of difficulty, made easier by the sheer fun and intuitiveness of the controls, as well as the humor…which is actually enjoyable. 🙂