This is a heavy-handed opinion column which is rarely updated. It discusses games that I like (mostly video games, but some tabletop) and the culture of gaming.

What I mean by heavy-handed is just this: I often take on extreme viewpoints and I leverage hyperbole and abuse sentence and paragraph structure to – at times – set up a dramatic presentation for a point. My purpose may not be clear to you. Don’t sweat it; your purpose isn’t clear to me either.

What I mean by rarely updated is just that. I’m married, I have a full-time job, and I prefer playing games to reading or writing about them. But I do enjoy reading and writing about them, so I do sometimes.

Do not think of this as a “news site”. Think of this as an “art project”. If you have trouble with that, replace the phrase “art project” with “hobby”.

If you are here you probably like games; that’s something we share in common.

Welcome. I hope you find something  you like.

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