In so much silence.

12 12 2016

The world’s kind of on the edge of going straight to hell. A lot of awesome stuff happened to me (marriage, kids, house, sweet new job, I discovered ZSH and git) and some shitty stuff happened (most of which is political in nature, some of which is tied to my family’s health which took a pretty massive hit midyear, but we’re on our way out of the woods now) and I upgraded my computer (hurray) after about six months of troubleshooting a 980Ti that was fine but shorting out because the motherboard was shorting out (showing its age).

I didn’t want to upgrade the motherboard because doing so meant upgrading everything…which I’ve now done. I’m in Skylake town and I’m pretty happy with it. In spite of being forced there.

I got my new job by writing XCOM mods. That was sweet. (I don’t work in video games.)

XCOM 2 is fantastic. I’m also – to the shock of everybody – back into World of Warcraft which, with the launch of Legion, actually became fun again. Except for legendaries. I got lucky with mine, but I’m an exception and I think that’s stupid.

I wish I had whatever fortitude is required to play Dwarf Fortress. I’m really enamored with it right now.

I hope all zero of you faithful readers are healthy, happy, and well. ❤




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