Wildstar first impression.

30 06 2014

So, Wildstar. I’m three sessions in (maybe ten hours worth of gameplay all told) putting me just into Level 14 on my Spellslinger. I tend to slot more heals than attacks, I can’t really call her a “healer” just yet, since my “group content” thus far has been restricted to “That player needs help, I should shoot them with healy beams from my…hands?” It’s not explained (at all?) why a “Spellslinger” duel-wields pistols and Can Haz Magic (anymore than my character’s insistence on holstering her weapons to her buttcheeks instead of her hips) but I guess “Rule of Cool” is all I’ll get for now. (Well, of course with a side of sexism.) (And “sailor humor”. Really, there’s some humor in this game that is of the form ‘cheeky puns concealed in sexual innuendos’.) I am a “Scientist” meaning I see more Lore than other players (and I’m presented with more puzzles, I think, and a cool little robot friend I named “Drool Engine”) but so far that lore has been entirely centered on the planet Nexus and the Archetypal Ancient Species That Had Everything Figured Out Until They Died From It. Nothing on the various classes or other tech that came along with the Exiles for the ride.

My fully-qualified character right now is a Human Female Spellslinger Scientist with the Exiles…because while the Exile story (so far) takes itself only as seriously as it must and is as much Firefly as Spaghetti Western, the Dominion was that all buried under endless ostentatious mustache-twirling. It was tiresome (the mustache twirling) in a few minutes, but I stuck it out for a few hours during beta. They don’t have evil aims as much as they have Evil Overtones. (Don’t get me wrong, they’re jerks…but, really…the mustache twirling. Ug.)

The gameplay is fun and amusing, the music is really enjoyable, and the art design is really pleasing. There’s almost too much to do at times as I find myself with a sudden Timed Challenge (or two) while trying to do two to three quests simultaneously in an area where there are also resource nodes to tap…and sometimes mining a node will upset that node and it (or something attached to it) will stand up and either flee or try to kill you. (Really.) But, as problems go, “Too much to do” is a really fun one to have.

Everything I’ve read about the game suggests that I need to really wait until lv20 before I experience the game at its best, and I think I “got my house” at lv10 but I’ve seen no evidence of this yet (nor have I looked for it very hard) so all I have to go on right now is aesthetics and fun-factor, both of which are panning out alright. I’ll reveit my feelings on it post level 20.


EDIT. Nezz (Former 2%) corrected me: the house comes in at lv14, not 10. I am level 14. Now I just need to find my way to the capital some day.



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