They are better than me.

26 06 2014

There are a lot of people that do this whole scene better than I do. Campster (Errant Signal), Super Bunnyhop, Lazy Gamer, Mr. BTongue. (Notice how I’m talking about Youtubers.) I enjoy making Youtube videos, but not enough to balance out the astonishing amount of work they require. (Seriously, a single episode of Thade vs. XCOM would take six to eight hours to do…for a 20 to 30 minute mission. I’d rather just play.)

I dipped my toe into Twitch streaming (sans announcement) which was pleasantly simple but is very unrewarding when you know you’re playing to an audience n=0. “I could put a lot into this and generate some views, maybe,” but then I remember “I kind of want to try other things.”

One thing never really peters out of me though, and that’s blogging. Something many other people are better at than I am: better meaning not just net hits they get or the fact they’re paid to do it…but better content-wise. Higher quality, higher volume. I really enjoy reading well thought out and researched video game criticism. Much more than I do trying to come up with it myself.

As is evidenced by the half a year it’s been since I’ve posted here.

There was a Sims 3 binge in there somewhere. And a lot of Path of ExileDon’t Starve. Occasional Left 4 Dead 2 forays which I still have a knack for, I’m happy to say. Much of my L4D2 static team is now playing Wildstar and there are a handful of Two Percenters (my old SWTOR guild) in there as well. I miss those people. WS looks like it might be fun for a bit, so with little to lose, in I go.

What have you been up to?


That’s what I figured. ❤




6 responses

26 06 2014

Playing ESO and stuff 🙂

26 06 2014

So, not dead after all 🙂

27 06 2014

Haha! Werit!! Gank!!!!

Nay, I’m not dead. 🙂 ❤ Not yet.

27 06 2014

I’m getting married very very very soon (two weeks !) so, you know, time is in short supply. And has been for months haha.

28 06 2014

Nice one! Congrats mate- I hope you have a nice day. It can be stressful as heck, but all in all it should be fun 🙂

29 06 2014

Thank you. 🙂 Yea, I’m looking forward to it. (Forward to it being signed off on, haha. The planning phase, not so fun.)

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