3 10 2013

Pre-order for XCOM:EW is up. Make no mistake, I fully support TB’s view on pre-ordering games. It’s a sign of impatience and totally unnecessary; bad even, since you can’t guarantee the game will deliver on expectations. (E.G. Aliens: Colonial Marines.) That said, I Kickstarted (pre-ordered) Torment, and I pre-ordered XCOM:EU. I believe in the Interplay-in-Exile team. And I believe in Firaxis.

My money is now where my mouth is.





2 responses

5 10 2013

I still have no faith what-so-ever in Firaxis given how they handled Xxom and it’s bugs.

That said I’ll still be pre-ordering and doing a play through on my channel 😉

5 10 2013

The game was so amazing even considering the bugs that I’d gladly suffer them again for new content. They’ve also had a year to work further on the issues so I think this particular release will be much smoother than the last. 🙂

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