10 09 2013

I read this article from back in January (which I’d missed) which indirectly answers, I think, my own query: why is Solomon not attached to the XCOM expansion? Possibly because he really, really, really needed not to be. The whole reason I never really pursued the games development avenue, despite my nigh insatiable curiosity and lust for it, is the tremendous sacrifice it demands. That article really spells that out. Basically missing the first year of your kid’s life so you can make the greatest game ever? That is a harsh trade to make; not one I’m capable of.

A few real life friends of mine asked me if I’d ever pick up the Let’s Play idea…you know, the Youtube initiative that I basically dropped cold turkey. Editing those episodes was fun but very labor intensive; that’s not really a deterrent, but there was this whole job turmoil/I moved/I’m getting married/endless chaos scene, and then a real need to just play games in my downtime. That and, frankly, I hated my Let’s Plays; they felt forced, artificial, and dry. (I am maybe not my own worst critic, though I strive to be.)

So, I dunno if we’ll see that again. I have been playing XCOM thought; a lot. I’m upwards of 370 hours now, according to Steam. I got the Achievement “Ain’t No Calvary Comin'”, which means one operative saw every single mission in the game. I did this on Marathon, without realizing until the end that’s what I was doing. I only lost one operative that entire game (an assault) for doing something colossally stupid (sending him in very, very deep all by himself) giving me a Memorial Wall of size one. This was on Classic difficulty, which I have really no trouble with; only the fun kind of trouble.

Impossible Mode is another matter. It redefines brutality. I can only take so much of it, haha.

All that said, I admit I’m frothing at the mouth to make a video, so maybe I will.  Just one more. We’ll see where it goes. If it sucks, you’ll know: you’ll never see it. ❤




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