XCOM and bugs.

27 01 2013

I’ve started and stopped writing several articles with this core thesis in mind (“regarding XCOM and bugs”) but have discarded every draft up until this one. (That is, of course, unless I also discard this one.)

I have played a good chunk of XCOM over the past two weeks, and I’ve weathered more than a few teleport bugs that I kind of wish I’d caught on FRAPS. When not one but two Sectopods (the very large walking mechs) teleport into the midst of your team and you punish them for their insolence it’s a good time. In contrast, when a team of Thinmen beam into your squad of rookies and decimate you, you really just need to reload or even step away for a little while.

Not only do aliens teleport at times, but I’ve seen alien patrols activate from across the map with no LOS to them, totally obscured by walls and Fog of War, but sometimes when aliens activate the legit way, they teleport-swap places with another squad of aliens, or many patrols just teleport to them. Things can go bad very, very fast.

I roll with it as often as I can, but while I’ve played nearly two Classic games to completion over these past two weeks, I haven’t posted a single mission to Youtube…and time constraints are not the whole reason. Frankly, the game is more fun when it works as intended, and my former game (of which I still have a lot of uncut footage) is now two (soon three) patches behind. It’s lacking in super cool hats and several fixes that may not work with an old game save. Also, I forgot to hit the Capture button on the first Terror Mission, which I was just going to roll with…but instead I think I’ll start a new mission to share with you all. One with sweet hats and all of the skills I’ve learned when dealing with teleporting Sectopods.

Despite the bugs, XCOM is one of the best games I have ever played. The game design is spectacular; so much so that my appreciation for their rebuilding it so many times far exceeds my frustration with how little time that left the developers to code the game itself. I hesitate to recommend a purchase right now, if only because teleporting aliens is really zero fun for a beginning player. Jake Solomon (on his Twitter) said that they’re pushing through a fix right now. Here’s hoping that means this week.

The sooner I can recommend you buy this incredible game, the better. Then we can play XCOM together.

I’ve also heard a rumor that they’ve scrapped the second DLC due to the bad response from Slingshot. This is fantastic if it means that future DLCs will be more about soldier customization options, maps, and mission types, and less about Special Named Characters (a.k.a. the shit that is corrupting Warhammer 40k).




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