My dark little meaningless secret.

19 01 2013

Things are rather hectic for me, but sadly the only things that have suffered for it are the elements of my web presence…namely my now poor excuse for a blog, really poor excuse for a Twitter account, and even poorer excuse for a Youtube channel. I haven’t played XCOM in well over a week (and before that, more weeks) and so what would I share there or here? Well, I could share some stuff.

Work is insane. We got acquired. Big company politics can be shitty. Best case, we get funding and its awesome; worst cast, well…the punchline is I get like two months off as I find a new job and work on my dark little meaningless secret. That would be either a lay off or me saying “I really love my teammates, but I am NOT working for that guy.”

I finished Deus Ex: Human Revolution, which was pretty good and scratched my stealth itch. The same company is making Thief 4, which is kind of my dream come true…provided that stealth take downs aren’t limited by a really frustrating, arbitrary energy mechanic.

I’m nearly at the end of Far Cry 3, meaning there’s story and some boss fight(s) to get through;the core game play (which was amazing, the whole stealth base overthrows game) is basically done with.

My girl and I got to the end of Fez and discovered there’s much more to find; also picked up Braid and Super Meat Boy which I already own on PC but got on XBOX so she could get into them from the couch with me.

I’ve done a lot of reading. Michael Pollan’s In Defense of Food and some of Omnivore’s Dilemma; I actually got into Game of Thrones finally. And I’ve got this dark little meaningless secret.

That secret is currently comprised of things like “20 hours of tutorial videos watched” and “lots of reference documentation read” and “several toolkits examined” and “Unity3D downloaded and installed” and “a 22-page and counting design document”. I have this insane dream of making a video game, and this hope that the current state of free and inexpensive tools will help me get there. The kicker is that the game idea I’ve got in mind is – without a doubt – too large for one person to do alone. But I’m learning new technologies and really enjoying the creative  process…and maybe, just maybe, if I get enough of a prototype up and running I can recruit some help. It would be nice to make a big chunk of money off of a Greenlight $14 Steam game, but that’s not what I’m thinking about.

I’m thinking about how to build a conversation tree system that’ll fit the bill. It’s is a really fun problem academically, and I’ll get to learn a Java GUI lib and use JSON for my first time and get back into C# or learn Javascript as I dive into Unity. More design to do first though.

And you know…content. Like, a story and stuff. That’s on my mind too.

I am jonesin’ for XCOM though, and here’s a 3 Day weekend.

No guarantees, all around. ❤



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