3rd XCOM Patch is up.

7 01 2013

I guess it dropped tonight. The forum post is here, but make no mistake, I don’t really dwell there…I only went there to determine what Steam just automatically downloaded for XCOM. (It’s a nice place, but I already have so much stuff to do.) The highlights?

  • Second Wave options are finally available; these are non-standard mutators for the game that make it even more brutal. Really, some of us find that appealing.
  • They fixed the teleport bug.

They do say “minimizes” with respect to the two bug fixes (teleporting aliens and the defeat screen bug) which says to me that they’re being honest. I’m a developer, I get it. Testing can reveal the presence but never prove the absence of bugs. (Not my wisdom, but wisdom you should keep with you.) I bet they made a big change which fixed it, saw the bug once and then not again for many, may tests thereafter…and were like “What do we do?” Well, if you run into such a bug again, do your part and head to that forum…post about it and maybe link your save file.

In any case, the reports of these fixes are a huge relief to me. Maybe I ‘ll settle back in this week. I haven’t fired up Premiere since before Christmas (I don’t count that Minecraft video I encoded quickly) so, you know, I’m seriously slacking.




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