Stealth games.

3 01 2013

I’m a huge sucker for stealth games, starting back with (for me) Metal Gear Solid 2, then Thief 2 (though old it was still a good time) and then come Batman: Arkham Asylum I was hooked. In that game (and more recent games) there’s more than just hiding and dropping enemies while remaining undetected. There’s the “psychological” aspect, where you (as, for instance, the god damn Batman) use misdirection and fear in order to handle the fact that you are always grossly outnumbered.

“None of you seem to understand. I’m not locked in here with you. You’re locked in here with me.”

I just recently finished a playthrough of Dishonored and I’m maybe midway through my first attempt at Deus Ex: Human Revolution, both of which I’m playing as non-lethally as the game will allow me. (In Dishonored, I have killed only several rats. In Deus Ex, I’ve only killed bosses as there is no non-lethal option for them.) I enjoy that angle because it’s by far the more difficult method (and, in the case of Dishonored, is the path to the Super Mega Happy Ending). Last night I had a particularly fun experience in Deus Ex, where I purposefully tipped off a team of security guards to lure them all into the small office I was hiding in, so they’d be perfectly contained for a single gas grenade; I then slinked around the desks and took out the remaining (panicked) guards.

In Far Cry 3, when you conquer an enemy base you get 500 XP. When you take it without the guards managing to trip any of the alarm boxes (which you can disable, or just keep covered with a quick trigger and good positioning), you get 1000 XP. When you take it without them ever knowing you are taking it, you get 1500 XP. The game rewards stealth (and is very, very good otherwise) but doesn’t force it. None of these three games do, really. You could in each of the games just go in, guns a’blazing. In many cases, that’s the easier way…killing everybody with heavy fire power.

But I enjoy emulating the god damn Batman, and that’s consuming a lot of my gaming time right now. Additionally, I renovated a staircase on my friend’s SMP Minecraft server in a tower because it was previously the worst staircase ever. (Now it spirals like you’d expect, with the same number of steps between turns.)

Also, XCOM and I are good. In fact, the day after my previous post, I played another game and really rocked it. It felt good.

I hope you all had splendid holidays.




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