One fearless Sectoid.

11 12 2012

I haven’t been able to play in easily two or…three?!…weeks, so I decided (wisely) to fire up a fresh campaign in Classic to reacclimate so that 1. my commentary isn’t insane and 2. when I continue the campaign I’m recording I don’t lose my entire squad to being a born-again noob.

First mission. Five sectoids. I very handily – effortlessly even – brush aside the first four sectoids. It’s not immediate and I have a few missed shots and one wounded soldier…but nothing serious.

Then, the final sectoid charges forward, the very definition of bravado and courage.

All four of my Overwatch shots miss.

The sectoid stands in the middle of an open area, completely out of cover. All four of my soldiers are in heavy cover and all have LOS on it. It is unphased. It throws aside its cowboy hat.

The sectoid scores a critical hit on one of my soldiers, killing him instantly.

The soldier nearest to him panics, electing to fire upon another of my soldiers, wounding him.

This freshly wounded soldier turns to his partner – standing right beside him, behind the same SUV – and guns her down in his frenzied panic.

With my two surviving soldiers in a panic, the sectoid collects his hat and saunters back into the fog of war. From the fog he seems to say

“That’s XCOM, baby.”

Yes. Yes it is.

I did pick up the DLC for XCOM but I haven’t leveraged any of it yet (nobody gets decorations until they earn their nicknames…and I haven’t seen a single council mission yet). Almost worth re-starting my series over (I’m only two episodes in, technically) but I have so much other footage. I’ll stick to my guns. There will be more games, no doubt. That’s XCOM.

In the meantime I’ve been reading, working my butt off, and playing Minecraft and Deus Ex: Human Revolution. I also watched Indie Game: The Movie, which remarkable; I recommend it. You can actually pick it up on Steam (you can buy movies on steam; that’s news to me) for like $10…but it’s also on Netflix Instant Watch (which is where Mrs. Thade and I found it). It focuses on the makers of Super Meatboy, Fez, and Braid, and it’s a really cool look into their efforts and lives. Watch it. You won’t regret it. Also, it got Mrs. Thade a bit interested in the games discussed, which is HUUUUUUUUUGE so you might consider getting your own sig-oths into it; maybe…just maybe…it’s the gateway! (Disclaimer: there’s no way it’ll work.)




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