28 11 2012

I’m still here, but you wouldn’t know it due to a drought of activity here. Here’s the run down on what I’ve been up to (barring things like “Thanksgiving Family Shenanigans” and “Work is exploding” which occupy as much time as one might think):

The Youtubez

Episode 3 of me vs. XCOM is in the early stages: all of the selected footage is in and ordered, the game’s volume has been adjusted and my intro and recap are all laid out. What’s left, really, is the bulk of the work…which involves trimming the footage down (the boring parts where I painstakingly move my guys) and narrating it. Maybe four to six hour worth of work there, but it’s a UFO mission so it may take longer. Hopefully I get better at this the more I do it.

I’ve been watching a good amount of Youtube to learn the ropes and get ideas. I also picked up some games on Steam Sale over the weekend, like Dishonored and Home…the latter of which I bought with the soul intention of FRAPsing my play through with Ms. Thade on mic with me. You guys will get to hear her laugh at me freaking out. That’s the plan. It’s an experiment that I hope comes to fruition, though finding time for things as the holidays approach is always tricky.

Speaking of new games

Dishonored is something I’ve wanted to pick up and I figured I’d wait for a Steam Sale, which dropped on Sunday. I really wanted a stealth-centric game and this game is a reasonable go at one: I am going for a non-lethal play through and, so far, have only killed two rats (because they’re plague bearers and I hate them) and no humans. Not even the ones that want to kill me, or the ones I’m contracted to assassinate. So far the game’s had some interesting ways of non-lethally dealing with my targets, and really the meat of the game for me is picking off fools in a room one-by-one and sticking their unconscious bodies into dumpsters. It’s my favorite parts of Batman and Metal Gear Solid 2, in first person. So the fact that the game extends that mechanic to even the “boss fights” (so far, anyway) is very respectable.

Home is a survival horror game purchased for the reasons laid out above.

Elemental: Fallen Enchantress is a Master of Orion/Magic style game that I’ve really been enjoying; I beat my first normal mode/large map/four opponents game this weekend; there’s more to explore in that game, but like any decent MoO2 4X game, it’s a game I can happily return to now and again for years to come.

I got back into League of Legends with my friends over the weekend which was a welcome return: they apparently buffed Soraka in my absence and hear healing – while no longer scaling well with AP – feels far better, especially early laning phase. It’s almost so different that I think I should re-Rune her for more CDR than her current AP-centric build.

Finally, I picked up Chivarly: Medieval Combat which – if you like that sort of game – you should strongly consider. The melee is very well done and it’s almost Bushido Blade difficult: you need to aim your parries and shield blocks at the incoming strikes for them to be effective, which leads to some stellar duels. Be warned: this game is brutal. I may  FRAPs some of this. Sometimes I have great moments, other times I fail very, very hard. Both are kind of a sight.

Hey, a new banner!

Yes, that did happen. It needs some further tweaking, but I think it’s nice and better matches my lil’ gold face mask icon that has sort of become my thing. Narcissism 101.

Gank has a Youtubez!

Gank has gone and made a Youtube channel!  It’s got a lot of good info on WoT, promises to show some XCOM, and features his Gankalicious voice. Here is Gank on Youtube. Get thee some Gank.




2 responses

6 12 2012

Cheers mate! Looking forward to you getting back on the webzzzzz.

7 12 2012

You and me both. 🙂

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