More fun in the Youtube universe, XCOM and otherwise.

19 11 2012

I took the weekend off from editing XCOM videos; instead I:

  • played a good amount of Elemental: Fallen Enchantress which is a better-than-decent 4X game;
  • played Twilight Imperium for over 12 hours.

It was a good weekend. I intend to start cutting the next episode of my own XCOM adventures tonight. In the meantime, you can watch the in-progress second season of Beaglerush’s XCOM Ironman Impossible, and you can watch Angry Joe and Total Biscuit throw down in XCOM versus mode. I have learned a lot about surviving in XCOM from watching Beagle play, and frankly listening to Angry Joe and Total Biscuit poke fun at one another while they kill each other was a very good time.

Since I lack the required fortitude of mind to play Amnesia, I’ve been watching this HuskyStarcraft gentlemen play in my stead; watching him play still unnerves me as I have, I’ve come to recognize, a high level of absorption: in short, my imagination is so vivid that I can very easily get swept up into it. The cost here is that I tried to play Penumbra several times and was unable to get past the first actual enemy as it honestly scared the shit out of me.

I tried to play it in the middle of a bright and sunny Saturday with all of the windows open and the lovely Mrs. Thade sitting beside me to bear witness and support me, which played out like this:


mrs. thade: “I don’t get it? It’s all blocky and weird. Is that thing supposed to be a dog?”

I was hoping she’d ground me a bit, but – in reality – she only helped me to truly realize my shame.




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