Updates from the front.

7 11 2012

So, XCOM. I played it all weekend, kicking off no fewer than four games. All but one of those ended horrifically due to mistakes or very poor luck (four cyberdiscs all patrolling into me as I end my first turn with only two trucks for cover is as nightmarish as you think) and the more recent one has made for pretty entertaining cinema. Too bad I wasn’t recording.

I will be recording tonight as my new hard drive is installed and working; an entire 6 GB/s 7200 RPM TB drive just for video dumps from Fraps. The reason I got it a devoted drive was that I ran into an interesting issue early on with “sticky frames” (a symptom of garbled video data) due to Fraps dumping to the same drive that XCOM was loading off of (the sticky frames occurred only when combat maps loaded in). Two ways to circumvent this issue: I can just cut out that part of the video, or I can get a new drive. (The new drive solves a second issue: storage space for raw video.) I also treated myself to Adobe Premiere Elements (the one priced for people making good cat videos).

SO I’ve got myself Fraps, Premiere, and Audacity (so I can record my voice overs separately from the game data) and I’m honestly excited to start. I currently have a promising looking Classic game running but I’m going to kick off a new one for this little project. Like I said, my ratio was 50/50 win/lose classic games right up until this past weekend when it took a small dip. Maybe that means…nothing, since my sample set is so tiny. There is a non-zero (good) chance that the game I kick off and record starting tonight will go poorly. But even losing in XCOM can be fun; that’s the mark of a good game, really.

Meanwhile, you should watch this guy Beaglerush play XCOM on Impossible Ironman. He’s way better than I am and I’ve learned a great deal watching him play. Also, he’s pretty funny. Enjoy.




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