Don’t panic! Or panic. It’s cool.

22 10 2012

Countries in XCOM are fickle and foolish and – in many cases – conspiring with the enemy. The satellites aren’t just there to keep them safe, or even to make them feel safe…they’re there so you can keep an eye on the jerks.

There’s this misconception floating around the net where people are saying “Save your satellites to the end of the month! That’s why countries leave!” While it’s true that countries seem to most often bail when they’re at five panic pips and it’s report card time, they do NOT necessarily wait for this, at least not in Classic mode. I’ve seen nations bail mid-month. It happens. Don’t fall for this trap. If the nation is at five and you can solve that, solve it now. (Unless you’ve already decided to give up on them due to resource constraints. That’s XCOM, baby.)

This public service announcement was made possible by Germany bailing on me mid-April, two days before the satellite uplink I was waiting for completed. Instead of launching it over panic stricken Germany, I launched it over mildly concerned Canada.




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