Four days of play-time remaining.

11 09 2012

Farewell, SWTOR. Probably farewell to theme parks too, but I’ve eaten those words before, so we’ll see.

I eye-balled GW2 but no review I read about it really moves me to jump in and play it. A row of keys bound to abilities I’ve seen re-skinned hundreds of times; an auction house that might trivialize playing or force a buyer’s market that sucks the fun out of crafting. Not a single class that seems interesting to me. Game play I’m too used to…and, frankly, too many vocal jerks that play these games I like. There are some great people I’m leaving behind in that game (meaning SWTOR), I’m sad to say. It is my firm hope that there’s another MMO some day that I might find as interesting as they do. Hell, if they play GW2 maybe I’ll try it. One cost up front is not too big a risk.

My feelings on D3 – which was great fun for a time – were summed up very well by Elder Game recently. I like his stance, a lot: let’s dump auction house altogether from MMO design moving forward. The AH works in EVE because it’s not a universal one; it’s restricted on distance (how far you can/are willing to move, how fast you can get there, and the reach of your trade skills) instead of everybody using the same market. Anyway, he explains it way better than I can, so I’ll leave it at that. Go read it. ❤ The bottom line is this: no matter how much they add to the game to earn or aspire to, it is all trivialized by the universal auction house. Stupid AHs are actually ruining crafting systems in games. How about that?

This article by KIASA was also a favorite of mine recently: because it’s true, if not the entire story behind my own position. I loved SWTOR; it was way more fun than WoW. I am, however, not the kind of player who enjoys that kind of game to the exclusion of all others anymore. When I find myself spending 20 hours a week playing co-op SMP Minecraft, looking forward to the new features about to drop in late October/early November, I realized it was time to kill the sub. My friend and I built an entire city in MC. It’s ridiculously amazing; I should post a screen shot. We have two other friends (or more) who may join us in the next version of the game (and our city).

I’m also super excited about X-COM…a game I missed during its hay-day and I’m getting an opportunity to play an updated version of it. Borderlands 2 will also be undoubtedly fun for a bit. 🙂 And, you know, 40k and Fantasy are their own time-sinks that require thought and art.

NONE of these games require me to ever waste my time with a player who’s a jerk if I don’t wish it; all MMOs do.




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