Two weddings down, two to go.

13 08 2012

This is the season of friends and family getting married, so my weekends are consumed with travels…pleasant travels but not really Internet friendly travels. Also, I’m enjoying the sunlight, enjoying painting and a revival in my Warhammer tabletop interests, and in general spending more time with people.

Speaking of weddings.

Also, Crusader Kings 2. My Scottish Kings can now consistently conquer Ireland in two to three generations, and I can establish a reasonable foothold in Wales. My best game saw my line ending when – no matter how many wives I killed and replaced – they wouldn’t produce an heir. (Man, is feudalism messed up or what?) Not that I could’ve taken Norway anyway…which managed to conquer England and Sweden in that game. Norway was enormous.

This current game is more true to history, so England and Wales are bickering and warring. Time to stir that pot up by doing what any other self-respecting King with four daughters would do.

  • Train my daughters as spies.
  • Dote on my daughters so they love me.
  • Marry my daughters into the English nobility.
  • Systematically assassinate any and every noble that has a reasonable claim on the Kingdom of England.
  • Watch England fall into brutal multi-sided civil war.
  • Take advantage of this situation and conquer the northern half of England.

That’s the plan, anyway.

Speaking of plans.

I am disappointed to see SWTOR going Free-to-Play and disappointed that the pessimistic predictions about EA continuing to be a scourge upon creative game design proving to be true, even when the once beloved (at least by me) company Bioware is involved. Mythic was at the helm of the legendary DAoC before everything went to shit there, let’s not forget. It’s sad to me; I had this vain hope that Bioware would endure. TOR is still a great time – I very much like it – but my preferences hardly seem to fit the norm and (the real problem here is that) EA isn’t making money fast enough on their massive investment to stick to their guns. The real reason games like EVE can maintain such fanatic fan-bases is that their core designs are only reworked when it makes sense and not as some rage-based reaction in an attempt to make money super faster. It’s not that smaller companies don’t want to make money (let’s not be naive) but the pressure in those smaller companies doesn’t come from an aristocracy with 1. no real understanding of the thing making them money and 2. a desire to make money that exceeds their interest in the product itself. I have no doubt that Notch’s upcoming MMO will be unique and fun. That’ll probably be the next one I try.

When it comes down to it, I’m enjoying computer games that I can safely play on my own schedule and talk about; that’s the phase I’m in right now. My desires for multiplayer are being sated by Space Marine (no, really, my friends all got into it way late in the game, so I get a fun revival) and tabletop games (RPGs and war games). I’ll stick with my SWTOR sub because I do still like it and, frankly, the group of people I found in there is a remarkably good one. Not that I’m able to log in these days, but it is what it is.

I am really enjoying Crusader Kings 2. You should try it.




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