The thing is…

18 07 2012

It’s summer-time and ridiculously hot in Boston. My promotion frenzy has settled down into what is obviously a larger (but better paying) workload. New rules for Warhammer 40k dropped, I got into Warhammer Fantasy, and both games involve me painting and modeling at least several hours a week. Also I’m taking a painting class with the Soon-to-be-Mrs. Thade, and that eats up time. And, the whole wedding planning thing eats time. And then there’s all these other weddings and summer-time events. Now Soon-to-be-Mrs. Thade has a job where she and I intercept each other on our way home, which is segueing into work-week dates.

Last week I got to log into Star Wars and hang out with the crew; it was awesome, but a bit short. Actually a bit long, as I didn’t really have the time, but I really wanted to see everybody. Our guild was small and merged itself into a bigger one. A very friendly crew also. I’d been keeping tabs on them all via our webpage which no longer seems to exist (perhaps also merged into the other guild’s web page) so I hope they’re (you’re) well. I’ll sign in again, when I can. Truth is that Star Wars is a great game but I just don’t have time for video games…especially an MMO. Hopefully just a summer thing.

I did finally get to try Crusader Kings 2, which was pretty amazing. The learning curve was a bit steep, but I got sucked into it pretty hard. It ate into my painting time. 😉

So, the thing is, I’m still here, but for now a ghost. I’m back on Bolter and Chainsword in force though. While Star Wars will always hold a special place in my heart, Warhammer really is the front-runner for me these days.

❤ Hopefully I’m not g-kicked in my temporal absence.




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18 07 2012

You most definitely will not be gkicked. 🙂

Site got moved to the new URL: — I’m still trying to get a redirect up.

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