It’s summer-time!

28 06 2012

Real-life really gets in the way of gaming (and writing about gaming) but I still make time for gaming. Here I am trying to make a bit of time to write about it once more. Wedding planning and a promotion have made for a lot of new stresses and adventures, but fear not, gentle reader: our hero still plays games.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Is still really good. The hate train on this has had absolutely no effect on me. What I like about the game can easily be summarized:

  • A really, really cool group of people, Two Percent (which refers to milk and not Wall St.).
  • Lightsabers; no, really, they never get old.
  • There is so much content. It’s ludicrous. I’m starting alts on the Empire side finally, seeing the light-side Sith Warrior I always wanted…only this time alongside some awesome people. The stories have all been very enjoyable. No surprise there, right? That’s like the Bioware schtick.
  • No really…a ton of content. End-game in most games is “repeat the same content”. SWTOR’s not immune to this as it has it’s share of end game raids (which, by the way, have uniformly been fun) but most of the “end-game” is alt’ing…which means, seeing the different stories (and in some cases, the different decisions) that are available to different classes (and in some cases, species and genders).

I get to play two to four nights a week now, depending. It’s rather restricted by real-life (wedding planning, general dates and outings, and also my job) but still a great time.

Diablo 3

This game is precisely what I expected it to be. It’s fun and I can pick it up and put it down very easily; if I have 15-30 minutes to burn, this is a great game to do just that with. If I need to quit immediately, worst case is I eat a repair bill. Jumping into games with others is trivial; I spent much of the initial phase of the game playing exclusively with friends. Barbarian and Monk are my favorites.

I even started a Hardcore character which – I admit – even very early on is extremely exciting.

Warhammer Fantasy and 40k

I finally got my dwarves on the table a few weeks ago and I’m hooked (as I expected)…it’s a lot of fun. They are largely unpainted: one large unit of dwarves is fully detailed and they’re some of my best work…but there’s a lot of ‘only base-coated’ plastic on the table.

The new rule-set for 40k drops on Saturday (at least, that’s when I pick up my pre-order…there are leaks all over the net already, of course) and I’m extremely excited for it.

(Very) long story short, I’ll be playing at least two times a week again. (This will cut into video game time, not only because of the game sessions, but I have a lot of painting to do.

Speaking of painting…

I’m taking a  painting class. No, really. Like, on canvas. It’s a lot of fun, I recommend it. When you have absolutely no skill at something and there’s no pressure…it’s nice to let go of that aspect of myself for a little while.

The Secret World

Was terrible and I won’t be licensing it. Maybe it’ll be awesome in a few years (e.g. the EVE Online growth model) but I’m not about to suffer through that long of a boot-strap. Besides, I’m not lacking for things to do. I am a bit disappointed I won’t live through the ARG…that marketing team is one of the best in the business. I am more disappointed that the gameplay is so dry.




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29 06 2012

Good article bro! It’s been some time you haven’t written one! Hope you can get back gaming soon!

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