Are you watching this?

13 06 2012

I submit, before the court, the audience, and my gentle readers that – officially – this shit be off tha hook. At the time of this writing, Anita there is up to $90K. Take that, misogynists; all of your unimaginative, not-as-destructive-as-you-hoped “get back in the kitchen” propaganda just made this young woman the same salary as a five-years experience software engineer. The kind that makes the very video games she’s set out to fix…the one that’s in the bits, making sure those dataz are moving smoothly so you can hit things with that sparkly sword. In full, effective-looking plate mail.

Now, I have no doubts that when you check that link, the number will be higher. And higher. At 60-hours to go, can we make her a millionaire? So she can spend her life being an activist that might save video games? You know, make video games a more girl-friendly place so we get more hot gamer girls that want to wed nerd-boys and make even more gamers?

Only time will tell.




One response

13 06 2012

With $117k and 50 hours left, I would like to see the scope of this project broadened beyond webvideos to the options you listed at the end of the post. In any case, the wide exposure this has brought to sexism in video games has already served an excellent purpose.

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