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11 06 2012

Don’t worry, I still exist and still play a ton of video games. However, wedding planning and a promotion at work mean I have little time for anything else. Also, it’s summer time. Aren’t you enjoying the outside too?

Meanwhile, this woman is awesome and needs your support. I’ve never seen nor heard of her before today, but this is the best kickstarter project I’ve seen to date. It’s well written, well-supported, and I honestly believe she will deliver on what she’s promising. What’s more is that it’s hugely important; the industry needs to hear what she has to say.

Go read it.




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12 06 2012
Killed in a Smiling Accident. » Blog Archive » Kickstarter for the day.

[…] to Thade for raising the flag on this one. Posted by Melmoth at 7:43 […]

13 06 2012
Tropes vs Women in Video Games « Inside the Magic Shop

[…] to Melmoth (who learned of it from Thade) at Killed in a Smiling Accident, I got wind about Ms. Sarkeesian’s Kickstarter […]

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