Oh, and now that we’re past it, can I just say…

22 05 2012

This whole “error 37” thing; Battle.net going down, crashing constantly…such a rough launch week, right? I mean, you might say “Thade, we should expect rough launches. That’s how software works.” You know, because maybe you don’t know that I work in software. Or maybe you are just a really nice, benefit-of-the-doubt sort of person. Or, possibly, maybe, you believe THEY HAVE NO EXPERIENCE IN THIS WHATSOEVER.

Whew. Thanks, I had to get that out. I ran out of words there even, so I failed to tack on Warcraft 3 and Starcraft 2 to their resume of Online Games That Basically Everybody Plays Through An Online Service That They Provide. Oh, and maybe we could include each of WoW’s expansions too, if we wanted to really flesh out their C.V. here.

C’mon, Blizzard. Do you really think that you are so invincible that you can ju-…oh. Oh, you do?

Well. Bugger.




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