Oh, Bethesda.

7 05 2012

It’s news to probably nobody by now that ZeniMax is going all-in on an MMO set in the Elder Scrolls universe. I saw the post Friday myself and needed the weekend to really process it. There’s a lot of rage and concern; some rumors that I wasn’t (yet) able to substantiate that they’re boasting “WoW-like mechanics”; some fleeting hope they’ll go the next step that DAoC might take and make a truly shifting, sandbox-y PVP world. Who knows what they’ll really try. (I skipped citations here as Syp has every relevant citation you could want; thanks, Syp.)

I know that, personally, I am hoping that ZeniMax buckles under its own weight on this project and that the TES MMO falls into development hell. Trapped therein it cannot possibly be bad. Then when it comes out ten years later, all Duke Nukem style, nobody will have expectations to be trounced.

We may also call this the new Blizzard model, with both Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3 dropping full decades after their predecessors.

I can’t help but muse on the way IPs are at times mishandled; most shocking when it is their own creators that drop the ball: Lucas and the prequels is now the favorite example, Duke Nukem another. Now that I’ve seen the Avengers, I think that basically any IP that is a fan favorite should be turned over to Joss Whedon for proper treatment.




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