O herro, Secret World Closed Beta Key.

7 05 2012

I got a TSW beta key at PAX East. Up until now, I was unclear on what the terms of the beta were. Well, I know now. I know because I logged into my Secret World account today and saw that the account was allowed to download a “Public Beta Weekends” version of the game.

So, that key is for weekends only.

The reason I logged into my account today was not to check the account’s status, however. It was because I received a beta invite in my email this morning. And that invite is not for the public weekends beta.

It’s to closed beta. I will have access starting tomorrow at 5pm (EST I believe).

So, when I get home this evening I will start the download (and for the D3 installer as well, as it turns out) and I will begin experiencing the beta tomorrow. It’s closed, so you know. I can’t talk about Fight Club. But if I post something like this, you may get the idea.




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