Diablo 3 and TERA

23 04 2012

I got to try both this past weekend as they were both in open beta. TERA I played for maybe thirty minutes until I couldn’t stand it any longer. It was like an awkward FPS coupled with a very creepy presentation. To spite the game’s visual design I actually made a character that was a 12-14 yr old girl with fox ears and a fox tail; naturally she was fan-service-tastic and made me feel uncomfortable. The game is otherwise unremarkable. It didn’t catch me.

Diablo 3, on the other hand, surprised me a bit. My first foray was a Wizard to level 8 or so and it was rather “Diablo 2” but prettier. I tried again later in the weekend as the Barbarian and had a rather different take away. Here’s my analogy:

Diablo 2 is to Diablo 3


Super Mario Bros. (8-bit Nintendo) is to  Super Mario World (Super Nintendo)

Diablo 3 is still a dungeon hack. Super Mario World was still a platformer. They’re each substantial upgrades – both in presentation and mechanics – over their predecessors.

Maps are still randomly generated but they look and feel better. You still smash a lot of monsters but the control is more intuitive, the abilities all feel useful, and the customization is fun. The fact alone that my “pole barb” and my “sword’n’board barb” can now easily be the same character is remarkable to me. I can swap out equipment and ability mappings and in seconds I’m a different build. There’s absolutely no draw back to trying a new ability when you get it as – whether it jives with  your play style and gear or not – you are not bound to it. You literally can’t make a game-breaking mistake in character building anymore. If something doesn’t work, try something else.

I don’t see myself playing it to the exclusion to all other games (as I did its predecessor) but as I have a host of friends picking it up that do not play SWTOR, I will buy it. It’ll be nice to play with those friends again, if nothing else.

Also, hitting things as a Barbarian is tremendously satisfying. The thwacks and wallops sound and feel perfect to me. Barbarian combat was more God-of-War-like than any dungeon hack ever.

One thing disappoints me: I don’t have a dog that will cart my stuff to town and sell it for me. I’m over it though.

Spinks (per usual) has a fantastic article on D3 over on her site; if you’d like more detail (and some valid criticism against the stupid shoes that the female Demon Hunter is wearing) you should head that-a-way.




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23 04 2012

Diablo II was the first time I played a Barbarian class (slash, bash, and hack) and absolutely loved it. I always chose Necromancer-types as my default in games but it was indeed immensely satisfying to just bash stuff! Didn’t he also have the ability to turn into a giant bear and claw stuff to death? Good times.

23 04 2012

The giant bear was the druid (added in Lord of Destruction). 🙂

My first Barbarian was a “bash barb”…one 2Her and bash bash bash…I’d live steal in such massive amounts you could watch my life globe flux between 50% and 100% with every swing.

He is a remarkably good time. Now when you bash stuff, it goes FLYING. It’s awesome.

I didn’t try the summoning class (the Witch Doctor) so I don’t know how it compares to the gold ol’ Necromancer.

23 04 2012
Diablo 3 and WoW | GamingSF

[…] of Thade’s Hammer was surprised how much they enjoyed beta […]

23 04 2012

Reblogged this on york g33k and commented:
Another interesting take on Diablo III coming out in just a few weeks.

25 04 2012

I played the beta and it reminded me of D2 a lot like you said. Unfortunately, I’m not too interested in that type of game anymore.

I had the same exact thoughts as you with Tera, but I was stubborn enough to play for 2 hours.

26 04 2012

I feel for you. I actually feel the same way with FPSs…I played them years and years and now I can’t stand them at all. The one exception was L4D (and it’s sequel) due to the interesting co-op mechanics which I really enjoyed.

I wasn’t sure whether my years of D2 play would mean the same thing for this dungeon hack (honestly I didn’t make it very far into Torchlight due to that very fatigue) and truth be told, my first 30 minutes of the D3 beta really seemed to play to that. I’m glad that I tried again on Sunday as it left me with a very different impression. The really crappy skill system of D2 replaced by one that encourages experimentation (instead of severely punishing it). Once I got into the experimentation and trying different subsets of my abilities, I really got into it.

Well, I pre-ordered, so we’ll see. I’m looking forward it, happy to say.

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