High-five, Bioware.

13 04 2012

There are pictures all over the web of the legacy system stuff, so here’s something nobody will post but me, which is my new w.i.p. UI:


SO MUCH BETTER. The chatbox is bottom left. The two three-by-four action bars to the left and right of the normal center widgets are Razer buttons and Alt key + Razer buttons, respectively. (Yes, that puts 24-buttons on my right thumb alone.) You can’t hide the portraits (yet) but you can if you position action bars over them, so that’s what I did. Look at all that visibility. MMmmmm.

I will now start rebinding the number keys because – let’s face it – with my hand always on the mouse It’s a real pain as melee DPS to hit keys 7+. I need a fifth action bar. Bioware!!! Halp!!

Spinks posted a great write up with link sand details re: 1.2 if you want more than I’m giving  you here (and  you actually, for some unknowable reason, haven’t seen anything yet). She also discusses something that is both disappointing and predictable…the whole “people bitching about the free 30-days thing.” Here are my thoughts:

  • It’s $15.
  • Every alt-o-oholic I know that is focused on TOR has at least one lv. 50; if you don’t yet,  I wonder if you are logged in to TOR nearly as often. Maybe, you know, you have other things going on. Which is fine, but doesn’t net you this $15.
  • It’s only $15.
  • If you’re all “It’s the principle of the matter”, think about this: were it the case that the award went to you based on having only characters with a specific skin tone, species, or gender, then THAT would be something to get angry about; there is real, definite principle there. In this case, it’s only $15 for something trivial.
  • $15 is really a trivial amount of money.
  • Back when I worked part-time at Wal-mart and lived with my parents, $15 was a pittance; a tiny, insignificant portion of my take-home pay. It amounts to several drinks at a bar (or a 24-rack if you’re on a budget and prefer being drunk to seeing people in public). Seriously. It’s not that much money.
  • It’s $15.

I think that about sums it up. Honestly I’d happily pay them for the month anyway, especially if we’ll see more patches like this one. Lots of new stuff, lots of fixes; I like it.

My favorite feature is the ability to represent in game my perceived family tree: the relationships I like to assign to my alts. My consular is now the father of two other Jedi (he and Nadia Grell, of course)…as you might imagine, the daughters of the Barsen’thor are really powerful. ❤

I get to head into Eternity Vault for my first time this evening with the guild. You know, it’s really nice being on the team and not having to run the team; that coupled with the facts that I’m strong DPS with some utility and I really love the gameplay on the Sentinel…I’m excited. I am our guild’s Lightsaber Beatdown Brigade.

I am going to set everything on fire. Everything.




2 responses

13 04 2012

That UI is pretty sweet… I might be stealing it.

13 04 2012

If there’s no reasonable approximation of my UI on that site Spinks linked, I’ll see about hosting it myself somewhere. I expect it’s tiny.

Also, it took me in the order of ten minutes to fashion it myself with the in-game editor, so if you want to approximate it yourself and tailor it to fit you, be my guest. ❤

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