Notch getting ready to punch EVE Online in the face.

11 04 2012

I’m trying another trend I’ve seen: starting posts with nigh baseless sensationalist titles. I guess it got your attention, even if you do know who Notch is and are aware of the only real sandbox game ever created. (See how easy sensationalism is? Your skin crawling, thinking of other titles you consider sandboxy?) Well, we’re looking at a second sandbox game which he’s coding right now. It’s called 0x10c. Go read the back story. I’ll wait.

I fronted $10 to get into the Minecraft alpha back in the day and it is still the undisputed most bang for my gaming buck I’ve ever spent; I’ve played a lot of Minecraft and had unparalleled fun doing it. There’s something to be said for collecting resources and using them to build things your friends can see. The survival aspect a good time as well. I needn’t belabor this; even if you haven’t played Minecraft you’ve no doubt seen write-ups on it. It’s unique in presentation and gameplay; it was equally unique in development, which was largely community driven.

The little code nerd in me is kind of eager to code a custom OS to run my ship; some of the instructions actually have time penalties (cycles required to run them) so I wonder if at some level there will always be a battle between programs in the game, as if my guns can fire faster than your guns because your target and fire subroutines are both bulkier than mine and aren’t in the same page or something, I may have a very real advantage.

I wonder how required assembler will be for the non-programmer?





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