Not really a post.

10 04 2012

It’s release week, so I don’t really have time for more than an obligatory “I’m not dead” post. Here’s a stream of thought with little to no elucidation (except that which you might infer):

  • I am honestly disappointed I missed this; it’s reminiscent of Matrix Online’s alternate reality game, but on a much grander scale. The game will likely draw a small audience…but what would an MMO community with a massive chunk of puzzle solvers and aficionados be like? Will it be predominantly puzzle solvers, as their forums seem to imply? Why wouldn’t the more game-play focused peeps stick to other games, with their maps that show you quest locations and objectives? Well, I’ll see for myself, as I got a beta key at PAX.
  • No, really. I’m reading through this and I’m totally blown away by the puzzles and the community-based effort to solve them each. Blown away.
  • Free copy of Dungeon Defender at PAX. It’s okay.
  • I hit lv50 in SWTOR with my Sentinel; joining the guild for my sentinel’s first (and my second) foray into Karaga’s Palace.
  • I talked to an inebriated (slightly so, anyway) developer at PAX; learned the release window for 1.2 (which we all know now), that apparently Dirty Fighting scoundrels are the game’s best-kept secret, and I’m still excited for UI editing.
  • League of Legends is going to ostensibly nerf snowballing; higher level characters gaining less and less experience the larger the level disparity is means slower progress for eating noobs and unfortunates. It also means it’ll be more possible to catch up after falling behind (but still not easy). Also, they’re buffing my Kayle’s support potential. ❤
  • There is a ridiculous number of mind-blowingly attractive women that enjoy League of Legends.
  • Seriously, have you seen this? I feel very left out. I’m actively catching up now.



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