1.2 can’t get here fast enough.

4 04 2012

Here’s a short video with an in vito once-over of the UI customization tools coming up in TOR’s 1.2 patch. It’s a great start. But we still need:

  • more than four action bars (I’m running out of slots for my hotkey needs);
  • the companion bar needs to not completely lockout an action bar when it’s up.

Slow and steady.

I’m otherwise having a fantastic time with the game right now; I love the sentinel class. Love it. The story is great, the combat is surprisingly fun and fast-paced, especially for a MahMORPahGah. There are about a dozen buttons in my “routine combat rotation” which isn’t a rotation, really, it’s a plan-ahead-and-react priority queue. More complexity there than the old four button rotations we’ve all seen and grown bored with. And when you factor in moving around to avoid aoe damage in melee (and in general) and that the class has a “Blood Lust” and a “my party moves faster and takes less damage” equivalent, you have what’s quickly becoming my favorite dps class of all time. (Good thing, because the healing quickly got tiresome; the consular is simply not the Chloromancer.)

On top of all that, the heroic-mode dungeons are like WoW’s BC era heroics; they are srs bzns. You need to use CC, marks, and communication to succeed…not to mention have quick reflexes. Some pulls come with hidden mobs (repelling or jet-packing into view) and adds wander around corners more often than you realize.

PAX on Friday, yo. I get to see 1.2 demo’d, among a host of other fun things; TERA (which I refused to beta test even after getting the invite), LoL (who will debut a new champ, no doubt), Mass Effect protesters, the new Tribes game, I’m guessing Guild Wars 2, maybe the Secret World, and tons more. I’m excited to play some Contra with my friends for no reason other than to play Contra. >:)




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