CCP and Riot laying down some smack.

29 03 2012

Big fish in a tiny, tiny, rage-filled, toxic pond.

They went and did it. While Mittens is trying to sell this as if the “stepping down” was  his idea, if you’ve ever worked corporate side you might have some suspicion (as I do) that it’s not his idea. He’s still the poster-boy, but he’s no longer a CCP sponsored poster-boy, what with his 30-day ban (hardly befitting a “chairman”) and dethroning.

Unless someone in the transaction is truly furious, when somebody is fired they always go on record saying they’re “resigning”; it’s a way of saving face for both parties. CCP probably doesn’t want it out there that they’re willing to use their obvious power (to kick a CSM chairmen out of their parties) and doesn’t want to make the Mittani look stupid (he did apologize, sort of) because he is their poster-boy, whether they like it or not. It’s politics. Corporations (at least at the top) think in terms of Worst Case Scenario (even if they call it Risk-vs-Benefit Analysis or something else pretty) and when something like this happens (a high profile asset to your company goes a bit rogue) you need to address it. They’re looking for an IPO. When you are trying to attract investors, the last thing you want is to fuel their own Worst Case Scenario fear machines. Now they can say “Look, we curbed the tool. Your money will do good things with us and we’ll get more subs with your money and we’ll give you even more money back.” Though, honestly, they’re a reasonably small software company…so that conversation probably involves more awkward forced laughs and booze than I let on there.

Meanwhile, Mittens is busy with his predictable “This was my idea all along; now I can get back to playing the Real Game and do something totally uber in the Real Game like Destroy the current massive Trade Hub.” Perhaps he and his mooks will do just that. Right up until the new CSM chairman pushes through something tragic, like consent-only war decs.

Oh, and calling it now: IPO for CCP will amount to a cash shop for EVE in like three years. Save your pennies, pilots. Limited edition monocles coming your way. Again.

Get a load of this guy.

No, seriously. Get a load of this guy. The player being described (“a werecat”) sounds like your typical LoL-troll…who happens to be on Riot’s payroll. Or he was, right up until Pendragon came around with his big bad ban hammer. The player fails at trying to break meta, fails at playing (or wins at feeding), AFKs a good amount, then takes out his frustrations on the one player that stood up to him.

Always nice to see a case where game company brass is standing up for its player base in an on-going attempt to reduce the gaming environment’s toxicity. Pendragon does this all the time, but it’s disappointing to see the target being a staff member. They really ought to screen these people better. I mean, don’t  you ask them “How long have you played our game?” and “What are your summoner account names?” and then go look through their chat logs to see if they’re jerks? (I bet they do now.)




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