Justified Uproar.

26 03 2012

Now here’s something we won’t see in SW:TOR.

The Mittani is again chair of the CSM. To celebrate he encouraged people to harass a player – whom is allegedly suffering from depression issues – to kill himself. No, really. These depression issues were leveraged against the player before in an attempt to exploit him over in-game resources. Playing a player’s real-life feelings in order to get ahead in a game. The article explains that CCP is taking it seriously and watching over said player.

To that player, whomever he is, I have only friendly advice: choose to be happy. There are those who would take it away from you, but it’s not within their power unless you give it to them. Choose to be happy. Seek shelter in friendship, bright lights, and cheerful music; maybe work a therapist in there and get into a physical activity. Something like hiking or intramural soccer. I hope you’re doing okay. If it’s EVE you really enjoy, I  hope CCP gives you a life-time free subscription for two accounts and like a hundred free giant ships. You know, in a game-breaking way that allows you to pub-stomp Goonswarm out of the game.

CCP supports a player-elected body of player-representatives which has some influence on the direction the game’s design is taken. I say again, CCP supports this body of players; they wouldn’t exist or be speaking in a public, CCP-funded forum if CCP did not condone it.

Now let’s go on a snowballing slippery slope here. Assume the worst happens. A tragedy occurs and this player finally cracks. Now CCP gets its own headline on the New York Times about how their poster-boy, the Mittani, used their game and their support, to kill somebody. This isn’t like people killing themselves and each other over WoW because Blizzard isn’t putting those people on microphones at Blizzcon. This is not the kind of publicity you even want to think about; and, with CCP considering an IPO, I guarantee you they are thinking about worst-case scenarios like that one.

There is this other possibility; that the Mittani made it all up. Wouldn’t that be funny?

No, I didn’t find it funny either.

Bury this Mittani clown. Hang him out to dry.

And now, a public service announcement.

Suicide is tragic and a real thing. It’s not a demonstration of weakness; not if the victim is actually serious about it. Best case, it’s a cry for help; worst case, the individual may actually take an irreversible and regrettable action.


If the person has a plan on how to end it and wants to be alone DO NOT LEAVE THEM ALONE. Use the Internet and find a suicide hotline local to you. Honestly, even if they don’t seem to have a plan, it’s still a good idea. Get them talking to a professional; do not engage this issue alone.

May you never need this advice.




4 responses

26 03 2012

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The Eve Community sucks and this comes from someone who likes to scam and gank.

27 03 2012

The community as a whole is like any other; during my brief stay I met some real king assholes but I met a lot of pleasant and nice people that were genuinely helpful. I got handouts, tons of advice, offers of direct assistance, and a lot of encouragement to stick it out in the game. “We know it’s really hard and that people in here suck sometimes, but stick it out!” was the message.

I think the fundamental difference, really, is that where other games have anti-griefing notes in their EULAs and staff that act to counter it, EVE actively encourages it. The result? Possibly that the jerks in this game are bigger jerks than in any other game. And the biggest jerk of all also happens to be the chair of a CPP-sponsored player-populated council.

I saw he issued an apology. I hope he doesn’t step down; I’d much rather see CCP kick him to the curb against his will.

27 03 2012

I couldn’t fathom taking a game so serious. I’ve heard bits and prieces of this and it is always sad to hear someone desperate to commit suicide. Recently a guy I worked with took his own life after he got divorced. It’s a sad thing to hear about. I hope this guy gets help before he does anything drastic to himself or someone else. He needs to stop playing games and go to a hospital for a long time

28 03 2012

I definitely agree he needs to drop the video games (and any other distracting vices) and focus on himself for a while.

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