Still faithfully reeling.

20 03 2012

I haven’t finished ME3  yet, no. After the unexpected and uninvited showdown I needed a bit of a breather. The Jedi Knight story in SW:TOR is my current diversion; the Sentinel Watchmen spec is a lot of fun. “Fast and furious” is how I’d term it. Like a Frost Death Knight (end of WotLK) on speed. I’m playing the Jedi as a no-bullshit kind of character, and since she’s a girl and can’t possibly romance Kira, I’m enjoying the pure student-teacher relationship there. It’s convincing and enjoyable. It’s an honest and quick finger-quotes “grind” to 50 so I can play with my guild; it’s not a real “grind” because Bioware has utterly nailed the leveling experience in this game. It’s smooth and fast-paced, and the story makes it pleasant. I’m enjoying it, even on my second time through some of it. (The Czerka Corp story mission on Tatooine is one of my favorites.)

Also, I’m planning a second skyscraper on the Minecraft server (the increased map height is fantastic), and the occasional LoL match (though my last two were pretty rough so I’m ready for a break).

I haven’t finished ME3 and I’m curtly dodging and avoiding the articles that abound across the web where people are QQing about the ending. Makes me think of the end of Stephen King’s the Dark Tower. Once you get there, you are instructed to not read the final chapter. These instructions come from the author himself. As far as King is concerned, I suspect that’s a matter where the Journey is more important than the Destination; also that, after that many books, there’s no way what’s in the Tower could be adequately described. It’s purely what Roland wanted; that’s all that matters.

I haven’t finished ME3. I don’t know how it ends. But here, some time before I see it, I still have faith.

Also (my buddy who lost his ME1 saves three times and decided not to finish the series because of that) went ahead and spoiled the ME3 ending for himself.

In his words: “Haha, screw the fanboys. This is ridiculously epic.”

So, I have faith. More on this after I actually finish it. I am still reeling from that decision.




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22 03 2012
Adventurer Historian

I don’t know yet, either. But I have faith, too.

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