The delimiter.

15 03 2012

May 15th.

I played D when it dropped because, well, I enjoyed Warcraft a great deal and had thus a bit of a liking for  Blizzard. I remember being resistant at first to the idea of wearing gear that significantly increased my power…as a reliance on gear seemed a bad idea. Especially since you drop it when you die. I never really got over that in D, though I remember enjoying how powerful my mage felt. I would follow my friends and do nothing unless they couldn’t handle what was in a given area. Then they would get behind me and I would cleanse the room with fire and lightning. Oh, and I called it D because, I don’t know, I was young and thought it was some how cool. Now it doesn’t sound cool but it stuck with me nevertheless.

I waited and waited for D2 to drop, push back after disappointing push back. I was early in my programming classes but in deep enough to understand there was complexity to these games I couldn’t comprehend. D2 dropped and did not disappoint. The hours I burned away on this game are possibly surpassed only by the time I spent in WoW, but while WoW had its moments it always frustrated me at the core. In WoW, there were many people you may not know that you depended on. In D, you could always go it alone.

My game rotation is already a little overfull, and while games like Fallout and Mass Effect are transient moments in my gaming, a game like Diablo will be more like LoL, TOR, EVE, or Minecraft in that there will be reasons to keep playing.

  • More to explore, more challenges to face.
  • Stuff to do with my friends.

As it is I’m already deciding on what to drop from the rotation to make space for things like Diablo 3 and Real Life. I think I’ve already decided. LoL is swamped with my friends, and Minecraft is both with friends and a transient on again/off again thing. So it’s EVE vs SW:TOR in the epic battle for my affections.

Then we’ll see whether or not D3 is the kind of game that is part of the rotation…or the kind of game that consumes the rotation. I assume at best the former. More on this next time.




2 responses

15 03 2012

If I am learning how to DPS so you can heal and then you leave, I’m going to be VERY cross with you. 🙂

15 03 2012

I have no intention of leaving SW:TOR in the near to far future. ❤

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