Oh, CCP, how you have fallen.

5 03 2012

I read this today and was a lil o_O and then even further flabbergasted that only an emoticon was sufficient to explain my flabbergastedness. (Take that, spellchecker.)

DUST 514 is going to be free to play.

I understand the marketing sell and how it can make investors happy, but from a player-perspective I really dislike it. I seldom see F2P done in a smart way. Mr. Syncaine will go on at great length about how awful it is and I’m in 100% agreement. When a small percentage of your player-base is paying for the service, it’s them you end up catering to, and it steers your game away from your player base.

Oh, CCP. I’d ask that you not do it, but clearly it’s too late.




2 responses

5 03 2012
Grimnir (@grimnir_)

In EVE if you make enough ISK you can buy a PilotLicenseEXtension and redeem it for game time, the PLEX are sold by CCP for close to the same amount as a normal subscription in cash. In Dust 514, there will be no subscription, but you’ll still be able to buy and sell PLEX for ISK on the EVE market to use in game. From what I’ve read so far, the only barriers to playing that game are ones that have to be overcome by accumulating ISK. It’s not like other F2P scams that gate content.

6 03 2012

You make a good point (re: content-barrier scams) and possibly you’re right: DUST’s F2P model may be as workable as EVE’s (as in EVE it meshes pretty well with the economy). That said, I don’t think EVE should be F2P for a boatload of reasons…and I wonder how many of them will translate to DUST. Until we know for sure what kind of impact DUST will have on the EVE world, I will remain subject to my deep-seated suspicion of F2P models. 🙂

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