Out for the count

28 02 2012

Not only did I get engaged last week, but I also got appendicitis, which resulted in emergency surgery and this weird form of house arrest I’m experiencing. I’m conscious again and working, albeit from home and not the office yet. It’s a lil lonely.

I got into PI in EVE and it’s paid for itself and about to turn a profit. It’s a good profit for the investment, money-wise, but money/time it’s either:

  1. not very good;
  2. or I’m doing it wrong; or
  3. not aggressively enough.

I can have up to four mining colonies (at my current level of training) and I have the funding to do just that, so I may push it has hard as I can to see if I can push up to the hundred million ISK mark (currently I hover comfortably between 5 and 25 in a given two day period). Most of my income is still basic market flipping (buy low, sell high) and it cuts out a lot of the optimization that full scale production would require of me (the trade being the whole .01 ISK increase game I play at times). I haven’t flown much in a week, which is sad, but I was asleep for half of it.

The other half was beautifully consumed by some SW:TOR story advancement and a massive binge in Fallout New Vegas…which, by my reckoning, is the nearest return to Fallout 1 levels of involvement, difficulty, and long-reaching ramifications as any of the series since have given us. Dozens and dozens of loose ends that – when tied up – made very clear to me that – like FO1 – there’s not necessarily an optimal way to end the game. In fact, in FO:NV it seems painfully clear to me that there is no Super Mega Happy Ending; there are just endings, and even failing to save anybody is not a failed game play through…it’s just another ending. I may be wrong though; maybe I can save everybody. Will come again.

There’s some goings-on in the blog-o-sphere that I want to comment on, but I’ve only just come to in the writing sense and I need to do a bit more legwork before I can adequately make a fool of myself.

It’s good to be back, in any case.




One response

28 02 2012

Congrats on the engagement, and not so congrats on the medical trouble.

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