Hey, Bioware, 2004 called. They are actually NOT surprised that software bugs are still a thing.

14 02 2012

Software bugs are a fact, and even if a bug is a solved issue for one studio/dev-team, it may still be unsolved for another. You know, because:

  • studios tend to not share notes; as awesome as open source is, it really hasn’t caught on yet;
  • non-competition clauses are real and not always trivial to dodge (unless you like sunny California);
  • the resources one company spent on solving it weren’t meant to solve it for anybody else (see non-compete clause);
  • while some of the underlying infrastructure for software is remarkably similar, much of it is extremely different;
  • different people make different choices, have different coding styles, different designs, different use case sets…which butterfly effects its way into radically different presentations of similar problems with radically different approaches to similar solutions;
  • it’s probably time to admit you really don’t understand the sheer vastness and complexity of the inner workings of a computer program on the scale of an MMO or big studio RPG;
  • keep laughing; once your little game makes enough money, EA will buy them and pillage all you hold dear with pretty little pony stores.

Ilum is broken again. Not ideal, but hardly an affront to anything. I actually haven’t done a single PVP thing in Star Wars yet, as I view it much like going to a great sushi restaurant and ordering chicken nuggets and french fries. Get what they specialize in, not the thing they throw on the menu to lure in your change-averse friends.

Anyway, there will be bugs. Let’s get over it. I’d rather read about your various gaming adventures anyway. That’s why I read blogs. ❤




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