She was every happier than he was.

10 02 2012

NOTE: Jedi Consular Story Spoilers.

I cleaned up two more prisons…one was ancient and involved both putting down a break-out and staging a break-out. (Little hard to explain on the resume; it’ll come out in interviews, I’m sure.) I took down another Child of the Emperor. They’re uniformly powerful, resourceful meglomaniacs on the verge of insanity.

The  young force wilder (built up to be my apprentice since early Chapter 2) finally signed on with me. At first she did not approve of my teachings (in the wake of her father’s murder I tried to lay out the Jedi-lessons…didn’t go over well, to the tune of several -200 affection losses) but when it became official (in her father’s will) she was then ecstatic. She’s seemed smitten this entire time; it quickly graduated to obviously smitten when she gained an Affection Meter.

“Things suck for me right now,” she said, “but you, I mean.  You know I…look up to you. A lot. Right? I have been looking up to you. And, like,  you are such a…a…I mean. You make such tough decisions. The galaxy hangs in the balance and you just roll with it. How do you do it? Can you teach me how to do it?”

“I can try,” I said. “Let’s start with the basics: be at peace.”

“You’re hot,” she said. “I really dig the beard.”

“Beg your pardon?” I said.

“Peace! Right. Being at peace. That’s me.”

I sped up the story there a bit by shoveling roughly 3000 points worth of gifts on her. More than half of them were Courtship. So she then wanted to talk to me on my ship about a dozen times in rapid succession. It was honestly all the conversing we should’ve been doing up to now (she’s been conspicuously no where on my tiny ship before becoming a real companion). The [Flirt] options for me were hysterical; I still sounded all sagacious and pedantic, even when trying to be sweet. The bottom line here was that I could not resist. The only cuter Bioware NPC I’ve seen up to now was Tali; I allowed my Jedi to fall for her. At the end of my play session she surprised me by diving on me with a kiss. She pulled away and then (surprise number two) DING I hit level 49.

Qyzen has asked that we take a detour to Alderaan for his Rite of Passage. He’s still my favorite character in the game (though Nadia is a very close second…even before recent events) so I’m naturally going to help him.

“Herald. You have the Force. What do you see?”

I like Zenith, so he’ll probably be next on the gift shovel train. (Underworld Trading, I never knew how good you’d be for me.) Guy’s a jerk but he’s a jerk with purpose and a multi-dimensional character. I like him.

As for the other unwelcome bozos riding around on my boat, well, I do want to give them each a chance to sway me.

Summary: I’m loving this game.




One response

13 02 2012
Adventurer Historian

I skipped it all, save the last line. I’m glad to hear you’re loving it!

I started a Bounty Hunter with a friend — man, they are rockin’! And thanks to having a healing companion so fast, I wasn’t afraid of going pure tank powertech.

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