Show me the money.

9 02 2012

This is a first for me. I would like to pvp in EVE and opportunities for it naturally abound, but I feel that I can’t afford it. I just dropped millions of ISK on implants and a skill book in order to increase my market game (and the speed at which I train in it). I’m currently making roughly a million ISK a day on flipping products; I’ve basically cornered one very little market in my section of space and I’m highly competitive in several others. (I admit it; the game has already gotten to me in that I don’t yet want to divulge publicly what I am trading in.) I see people placing orders for something and notice that their range is not as great as mine, so I either allow them their small areas and blanket them with my own, or I entirely squish them by both blanketing and over-cutting/underselling them. I disguise my orders by posting them at different times and with different amount-shifts, sometimes random, other times as near the format of those present as I can. There are probably ways of identifying me I’m not aware of, but these markets are pretty small fish, so there’s probably little risk.

Regardless, I’m making money and – with my trade skills up in the 3s and 4s – I no longer need to undock to do it.

My long term plan is to be a Covert Ops and Black Ops pilot; the focus being stealth recon, but I really need a way to finance it and I’m honestly enjoying the market game. It’s fun, it’s competitive, and the in-game and out-of-game tools for it are remarkably well done. While I figure out my year-long skill training plan with EVE Mon I will use implants to train myself up in the short term (being like several weeks to a month or two) in market skills. I want the level 4s at least; Regional would be epic (lv5) but really 20 jumps is more than enough of a radius for the level I’m at, I feel. We’ll see, though.

This means my EVE involvement can be minimal; literally a log in or two a night to check that my orders are still competitive, to sell product that I manage to buy, and of course to update my skill queue at need. In the meantime, my Jedi Consular is extremely close to getting his apprentice, which I very much want. My epic hero is due some make-outs…as well as some end-game instancing. I’m closing in on level 50. Money’s a non-issue in Star Wars thanks to the fact that I get bounties on space missions and the temple pays for my extensive and constant ship repairs.

I took a few days off from League of Legends only to discover upon returning last night that I suck again; time to get myself back into shape. PAX is a’comin and I don’t want to be the n00b when I hang out near Riot’s booth like a fanboi. I had some epic bandage tosses last night and put the hurt on bottom lane Morgana…but I fell really short on farm (letting my ranged partner kill everything when we were pushed to tower by a very effective and aggressive Morg/Siv combo) and thus couldn’t afford to keep up. EVE, you are following me everywhere. Even to Amumu. Give the kid a break, he’s sad enough.




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