“Reported. Enjoy your Tribunal.”

3 02 2012

The Tribunal forum on the League of Legends site is one of my favorite boards of all time. I say this sincerely and with great weight. Most forums (including many subforums of Riot’s boards there) are essentially cesspits of trolls, flame, and QQing, but every so often we get a diamond in the rough.

The threads on the Tribunal forums have a beautiful pattern to them that is very easy to see.

NotSoNicePlayer posts:

“This system is broken” and “I can be a jerk if I want to be; it’s my right.”

The universal response from the developers, maintainers, community managers, and players is this:

“No, you cannot. Go play some other game. Let our community be.”

I  love it. A particularly good read on that board (no account necessary to lurk) is this post, which gathered up the majority of Riot personnel answering questions about the Tribunal.

Take note, every other game company. The bar is set.




One response

3 02 2012

I love this system. I’ve talked about it before with a few people, most notably Stubborn. If it were up to me, this would be a primary feature in EVERY MMO…

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