One sympathizes.

3 02 2012

In a way, I get it. I really do. When people are jerks on the Internet, I at times have fascinated about punching them in their faces. I think there is a distinct difference between one who imagines this and one who actually does it. Far beyond the actions of Jay and Silent Bob’s strike back at forum trolls, this guy actually strangled achild over being taunted and teased in Call of Duty.

NOTE: I DO NOT ENDORSE STRANGLING KIDS. Just in case anybody wants to jump on the hate train, let me make that abundantly clear. The guy was wrong to attack a kid. He knows it himself and feels bad for it. (I also don’t endorse spanking or injury-based punishers of any nature in child-rearing, but that’s not really for this blog.)

Well, as there will be no limit to the number of people speaking up for the poor and defenseless brat who thinks he’s all that while taunting people over one of the worst Wolfenstein “successors” to date, allow me to try and see the silver lining here. Perhaps this stressed out-of-work father learned something about himself with this tragic breakdown and will be better for it. Given his plea, it seems that may be true. Perhaps the child learned that being a jerk on the Internet is not okay. Even one child learning this would be a god damned welcome miracle.

A man can dream.

I also do not endorse passive parenting that results in kids playing video games for hours and hours, learning that it’s acceptable to lay harsh effrontery upon those that they don’t even know.

However, if I may be so bold, I will re-link a comic that I think both encompasses the current console gamer culture and the appropriate way to respond to it as an adult. (Note again: it is a non-violent response.)




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