Oh, Blizzard. Is it this same rollercoaster again?

30 01 2012

I played a lot of Diablo. Like, a lot. There’s only one game in I logged more hours…and that’s Diablo 2.

If you’re much like me and you super into  Diablo and/or Warcraft 2, you were probably waiting with baited breath (like me) for Diablo’s sequel. It was announced…and delayed…and delayed…and delayed. It was repeatedly delayed “a couple of months” over a period of like two years. I’ve never seen it documented but I’ve very often suspected this was a big motivation behind Blizzard’s strict “No release date until we’re sure” policy.

Man, was I frustrated with every delay announcement. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one. Of course, they never really told us why they were delaying it: note that this is the late 90s we were talking about so there was no Google, no blog-o-sphere really, and the internet really was just a series of tubes. If there were leaks, I wasn’t privy to them and had to make due with the “formal channels”. Now consider  the titular quote in this post. I find it funny because, while D2 was great, I distinctly remember it being late. I also remember WoW being essentially “late”, as the game I played back in 2004 is a only vaguely reminiscent of the last incarnation I played (WotLK)…which is actually vaguely reminiscent of its current incarnation. (Insert my defacto riff on playable giant non-combat pets here.)

Well, now we’ve seen World of Warcraft’s class and talent systems go through roughly a half dozen complete rewrites, with fundamental changes to core mechanics and game play. Not to mention we’re seeing announcements from Blizzard that they’re making big changes to D3 still.  Spinks asks how ready they are for prime time? That’s a good question. Given their resume over recent years I’m guessing “They think never.”

So, while D3 has no official release posted yet, they’re still telling us about delays (to a date we don’t technically know) so they can re-re-re-revamp a system that we all know they will re-re-re-vamp further still. That seems to be what they specialize in. They would rather commit vast amounts of resources to re-re-re-vamping than to adding content. I sometimes muse on how much more content we’d  have if they’d have allocated this way; I honestly don’t know.

I have no doubt that D3 will be enjoyable; I do have doubts I’ll try it but I probably will, for sheer curiosity. I played Starcraft for thousands of hours so I did buy and try Starcraft 2 for nostolgia. I never finished it and won’t be buying the expansions. Here’s my synopsis:

  • screw Kerrigan for her weakness and fall to the hive-mind;
  • screw Rayner for his inability to kill her;
  • Zeratul’s a bad ass;
  • 40k did it first and better.

That’s all there is for me there. The optimist in me wants to see any D3 see revisions being similiar to those in the major patches to D2; massive functionality additions, sensible changes to skill trees, a better overall interface. Maybe D3 won’t need WoW-scale refittings because they’ll be happy with it.

Or maybe they’re addicted to the whole re-re-re-re-revamping scene in a weird and unhealthy way.

Oh, Blizzard. We had some good times. We really did.




2 responses

1 02 2012

“40k did it first and better”

yeah. i played warcraft and starcraft before ever hearing of warhammer/40k and i had fun in those worlds. but the more i get into the warhammer/40k universe, the less i like blizzard’s worlds. now, if we can only get more games like dawn of war and the recent space marine game.

5 03 2012

I played the beta in D3 and im not impressed its a little to “for everybody” and not a diablo fan. The intro of Bnet 2.0 has further pushed the community apart with almost all aspects of the predocessor gone I think its another shelf game….

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