So, this EVE thing is going to happen.

26 01 2012

14-day trial is more than enough. I can give it a night and a day (depending on how long the download takes).

I have spent my downtime over these past few days digging and digging on EVE online. The barrier for entry seems vast and intimidating, however the documentation is copious and detailed. There is a crap-ton of information regarding how to start, how to survive, how to configure and use different ship parts…I can’t really list all the things it talks about, because there’s a reason the barrier for entry seems vast and intimidating: the game is vast and intimidating.

Okay, the last part is subjective, but it’s definitely vast. Don’t get me wrong; I love configuring and tweaking space ships and that enough interests me. So, after  years of smack-talking it, I am going to try it out. If I like it, I’ll sub and – for the first time – I’ll be subbed to two MMOs at once.

I have done my legwork though. While experiments churn, updates download, and tools compile, I have read up on careers, skills, stats, ships, basic modules and fitting, and both how to find a corp and corps to try out. The whole EVE University thing blows my mind: it’s (ostensibly) a purely altruistic organization funded by donations exist in a game just to teach people how to play it?! Such a thing would never exist in WoW. In fact, the term “leveling guild” is pejorative; a black mark. Yet, here is such a beast, thriving and command respect in a game world.

I like the idea. I like it a lot.

Meanwhile, for very different reasons, SW:TOR is fantastic. The story last night took another turn that I thoroughly enjoyed after Hoth (Consular, Chapter 2) and my friends and I found a guild last night; one full of people who have real lives and enjoy playing the game for what it is.  You know, a “casual guild”. I did the hardcore thing, raiding until 5am on a school night, getting yelled at over headset by the mid-20s pre-pubescent testicle that controlled the loot distribution. Now loot distribution is automated and, really, who freakin’ cares about loot? I do not. My Jedi looks cool and I’m into that.

I will thus have three different games to play (assuming I enjoy EVE as much as I suspect I will): one for the evenings my friends are not around and two for when they are. (Let’s not forget about League of Legends.)




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27 01 2012

It’s not just you, Eve is intimidating. I remember when I started a couple of my mates were in awe…. “Wow, eve? I heard when you die you lose EVERYTHING”. lol.

Once you get into it and the universe starts making sense it’s good fun… except for the community, which I’ve commented on previously. They suck. For all the good people out there a couple of the scamming griefers will undo all that…. but I digress and I don’t want to put you off as it is a challenging, exciting game.

I did enjoy Eve (mainly because I was one of the griefers). It’s about momentum imo. Once you stop, it’s hard to go back. Enjoy!

27 01 2012

The underlying game is impressive (staggering, really…more on this when I blab in a new post, probably shortly) but I’m certain the actual “game” lies within player-to-player relations.

I know all to well what you mean about a few bad seeds in a community despoiling the entire experience. Once a few blokes literally blow up – unreasonable yelling and screaming – over a video game it really puts a massive dampener on the experience; the taste it leaves is very long-lived and hard to get over.

If you do decide to get back in, you can trust me. ❤ For real.

27 01 2012

Yes, but could you trust me 😉

27 01 2012

I’m gonna go with “O DEFINITELEE!!1” and let you decide whether you trust my answer!


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