Footnotes and a Prelude.

25 01 2012

This post starts off with a few footnotes to two other posts:

We see this all the time: like a child throwing his controller when the game doesn’t go his way, or a two-year old throwing a tantrum as it struggles desperately to harness some amount of control over its environment and its own body. It’s hopeless. Without function or reason. You can’t improve your game experience by telling the devs they’re stupid anymore than you can improve it by throwing your controller.

On the same token, decrying people for the games they like – no matter how simplistic or unlikable you consider those games to be – doesn’t do anything for the genre or the community. All it really does is earn you ire. Because, honestly, no amount of slander will convince people to stop playing games you don’t like, nor will it changes those games. Developers and players are on to you, would-be forum ragers. They are onto you and they are not falling for it.

Meanwhile, I’ve spent the past several days burning away my free-time reading about EVE Online…and I am honestly getting poised to try it. I won’t cut SW:TOR out because 1. my friends are in it and 2. I am very much enjoying it. However, I play it far more than my friends and enjoy it most with them. I don’t want to risk burning it out of me…and the best way to mitigate that risk is to inject some variety. Now, I’m not convinced I have enough time to get enough out of EVE to warrant playing it, but far be it from me to not subject my beliefs to experiment.

More on this as it develops.




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