I oppose SOPA.

18 01 2012

There is little for me to add to this, so I will simply say this: write to your representative about it. I did. It’s very, very easy. Use Google (noting the giant black bar over it’s name) to figure out who he or she is, find their website and use that “Contact your rep” or equivalent link or page. The most complicated thing you might need to know is your full, nine-digit zip code…which Google can help you figure out as well.

The rest of this article is purely waxing philosophical in a directionless fashion. You may find little to no value in it.

Personally, I think the RIAA is a giant pack of ninnies who have out-lived their usefulness. Data sharing is ubiquitous and trivial; we’re beyond the whole “licensing” thing. Artists like Radio Head and Louis C. K. are already adopting a progressive model where people “pay what they feel like paying” and otherwise share the content as they please. They are – by all reports – making good money. Possibly because they cut out the  RIAA.

Musicians should be making their money on live performances: the one thing you cannot pirate. Let’s bring back the day when people would gather around their pianos and sing the songs of the day for fun. You know, back when we didn’t have to fear being sued for it.

Free-to-Download and Free-to-Play with Pay-for-Nicities (“pay-to-win”) or Pay-for-Support (“subscription model) are a better way to go. I’m not saying we’re ready as a society for all open-source, all-the-time…though that would ultimately do wonders for network and software security, it’d be a dark and scary place in the interim. I do think that DRM is stupid needless (as Stardock and the like has shown us) so let’s just move on.

I would link you to Stardock (the makers of Galactic Civ 2, which is by far the best attempt at revamping Master of Orion 2 to date) but Wikipedia is blacked-out today. Why is it blacked out? Because, if SOPA passes, it will in fact be gone. Forever.

I wish I was exaggerating.

Write your representative. Save the Internet. For real.




2 responses

18 01 2012
Mr. Meh

SOPA is dead. You should change the title to PIPA.

18 01 2012

Given that Wikipedia, Reddit, and (to a limited degree) Google have instantiated a black-out for the day, I have renewed my concerns. Whatever acronym you choose, write your rep and tell them what’s for. ❤

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