So, SWTOR is a good time.

9 01 2012

I was laid-up over the weekend (read as: playing SWTOR, LoL, and Arkham City) and I’m travelling for work over the next two days, so it might not be til Thursday until I write anything with substance to it. Here is a decisively substance-light post so you know that 1. I’m not dead and 2. I still like writing.

Space Combat in TOR is great. What I’d like to see for it is co-op; two-player little roller coaster shooters. It’s far from an epic space battle simulator (see: EVE Online) but it’s hella fun for what it is. The missions are quick and entertaining (especially once you get the power converter and can divert power to deflectors) and net pretty good credits, so while my companions are off in the mines, as it were, making cool gear for me and my friends to wear, I can blow things up.

One of my friends commented that the difficulty curve is pretty low; i.e. with 2-minutes remaining in some of these earlier missions, all objectives and bonus objectives were completed. We both agreed, however, that there was still ample crap to blow up. You see, in the old X-wing titles there may have been points, but I honestly don’t remember now. The real charm was blowing things up as that is how you accomplished the mission objectives. You do get 7 exp per Tie Fighter, 10 per frigate component, and pretty good chunks for satellites and station components, which I guess adds up. Hard to notice over the giggling and blaster fire though. Even harder to see through the smoke plumes pouring out of that mini Star Destroyer I just hammered to a pulp. (It’s nice being in a frigate and not a fighter for once.)

Also, I thoroughly enjoy being the  Batman. When do we get that MMO, where I am the Batman and everybody else is just a two-bit crook working for “factions” represented by various super villains? Keep me posted. Consider me a pre-order.




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9 01 2012
Adventurer Historian

Huh, I guess we are in a frigate? I figured that the min-Star Destroyers were the frigates, and we were some sort of smaller, corvette-class-thing? Homeworld has forever destroyed my sense of ships scale; frigates were always formed the backbone of my armada.

At least in the Smuggler’s case, it’s clear we’re in a freighter, and the IA’s ship is really just a pleasure-yacht-cum-warship.

9 01 2012

Actually, you’re correct (I believe) that it is a corvette. I used frigate as hyperbole, only realizing now that it would more often be seen as a mistake. 🙂

It’s bigger than a fighter; a gunboat, as it were. A nice “upgrade” from years of flying B-wings. (Not that I disliked B-wings; those things were great. Or I guess will be great. Considering.)

10 01 2012
Mr. Meh

No, you are right. The Corvettes are types of Frigates. We are in Fighters. They refer to them specifically as Frigates in many instances.

The big guys are cruisers.

Also, if you unload fully on the cruisers. IE take down the shields, engines and then main portion, you can actually take the whole thing down. And you get massive XP for it. Same thing for all the turrets and things you can attack otherwise, the more it take to break it, the bigger the XP.

Once you get EMP, you can take down Stations.

10 01 2012
Mr. Meh

I mean Frigates. You can take them down with just blasters. I’m still working on figuring out how to take down the cruisers. Clearly the bunker in the middle is the key, just haven’t found the DPS to do it.

11 01 2012

I have been wondering if some or all of the destructible mobs (fighters, turrets, the “bunkers” as it were) have not only damage reduction style defenses but also something that regenerates their health. I have a good intuition now of how much focused blaster-fire it takes for me to pop a defense satellite, and I have noticed that if I fall short of that intuitive amount on a particular satellite, when I encounter that same satellite on a later pass I need to do the full volley to it to pop it.

11 01 2012
Adventurer Historian

The “bunkers” — bridges, shield generators, stuff like that — are probably popped with proton torpedoes. That’s my guess, but it looks like that sort of heavy firepower is locked out of lower level’s hands. At least the proton torpedo for sale on Carrick is level 50.

Also: it just occurred to me that Carrick Station is named after Zayne!

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