My Light Side Sith’s Memoir begins

3 01 2012

Hard to really get into this without some spoilers, so instead I’ll share with you a few thoughts and slightly ambiguous examples. (Read as: there are spoilers in here.)

The Dark Side is in fact Easier

The Sith Warrior courts his new master and in order to prove himself he (and the other acolytes) are sent off to retrieve some shards. “Go get me shards from these three places,” he says. “By the way, it’s cool if you just kill each other for them instead of going all the damn way over there to get them. Through all those mobs and everything.”

Not ironically, on my way to get said-shards (because, of course, when I look for other acolytes to kill them, they’re just not around) some player in General says, “This is my first MMO!” and then he says “Wait, the slugs just come back? How can we ever win the game if the slugs always come back?” I did sympathize as I slaughtered my way through many a slug.

So, I hammer my way through a crypt, flirt with (and assist) a  young and cute Imperial soldier (who I was very impressed to see had a tan line around her eyes where her goggles would usually be), fight furiously through three crypts, nearly die twice, and return to the academy.

Naturally, there’s some acolyte there waiting for me.

Him: “So, did you find them?”

Me: “Well, duh. I’m huge, cybernetic, and have a Justin Bieber hairdo. You think I’d rock this look – in this place – if I wasn’t a bad ass?”

Him: “I thought so. I’ll take those now.”

Of course, I beat him within an inch of his life. Keep in mind that Dark Side options far out number Light Side options here (2-to-1 in each dialog) and virtually all of the Dark Side options involve the phrase “Kill him.”

First I say something like, “You deserved that. I hope you’ve learned that I’m not to be messed with. Now, bugger off or I’ll taunt you a second time.” (50 Light Side points? Where’s my 100?)

Him: “Now what will I do? Where will I go? They’ll kill me for failing.”

Me: “Alright. Take my shards. I’ll go back (through all of that crap again) and get some more. Like, literally redo the fetch quest I just did.”

Him: “Really? You’d do that for me?”

Me: “Sure would.” (50 Light side points. There’s the 100.)

So I do in fact run all the way back, fetch the shards again, and that new player says “How am I supposed to learn this if you keep shooting me! Stop shooting me!” Another player says “This isn’t a PVP server; that’s an NPC shooting you. It’s a ‘bad guy’.” (Not related, sorry, but it did amuse me while I fought through the same slugs again.)

I return with new shards. My master’s on to me, but he agrees with me that the obvious weakling – while not Sith Warrior material – is cunning and resourceful and still useful. So he’s sent off to do mook work and is not killed.

You might ask  yourself “Does this come up again?” Slight spoiler: YES IT DOES. HE COMES BACK LATER.


I find it funny that, so far, virtually every dialog option with Vette has a “Shock Vette” option. Not only have I not done that, but I’ve purposely tried to get along with her. It’s working out. I predict mutual make-outs in this duo’s future.

What I really like here is that her voice is remarkably similar (if it’s not the same voice actor, which it may be) to the young Twi’lek in KOTOR who was far too young for Revan. I loved that character, so seeing her again – in the company of a Dark Sider falling to the Light – is a welcome sight.

ADDENDUM: Confirmed that Mission and Vette are the same voice actress.

All I Need is Your Hand

Yea, as the Sith Warrior, you’re supposed to kill your first master. Well, actually, what you’re told to do is bring his hand back to your new master. So I did that…and let him go. I had the option to lie to my master, but I did not. I instead allowed him to assume what he wished and skirted around the issue.

Me: “Here’s his hand.”

Master: “So, he’s dead then. I’m impressed.”

Me: “I live to serve you, metal-butt-face.”

Master: “Wait, what did you say?”

Me: “I said, I live to serve you, my grace.”

Given the way the first bit with the shards turned out, I have no doubt that my former master will turn up again as my ally. There is a problem, however, as his daughter cornered me and attacked me. I had the option to tell her “Your father is still alive”, but given that EVERYBODY IN THE ACADEMY thinks he’s dead and I killed him, and that she cornered me IN MY NEW MASTER’S OFFICE, and – last thing with caps, I swear – THERE WERE NO LIGHT OR DARK SIDE POINTS TO BE GAINED when she was like “Everybody says!” I was like “Well, I guess everybody can’t be wrong.” She attacked, I killed her in combat. I was hoping for a 1 hp left and I let her go deal…but now the daughter is dead, and the father is still alive and further short-handed. See what I did there?

Will he be my ally? That remains to be seen.

There’s word that there are peaceful movements in the Sith that may reshape their Empire. Well, since my first master in this series was Commander Shepard I will do as I learned.

I will save this crap-pile of an Empire.




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5 01 2012
Adventurer Historian

I just found your blog from a comment you left at <a href=""Bio Break, and hot damn — your writing is top-notch! I’m really looking forward to reading more of your memoirs. I particularly like your ability to tell the story of your Sith, without any specific spoilers — I’ve yet to play any Force Users, muchless Sith, but your story has me intrigued.

I have tried out the Imperial Agent, and man, is that a fun class with a great story. Like you, I’ve been trying very hard to play a Light Side character. The problem, though, is that I often feel like a hypocrite — “Well, I’m sorry about your family, but hey, you’re not dead!” What do you do about that pangs?

5 01 2012

I take breaks. 😉 And I play a paragon of a Jedi Consular as my main, so that helps. It’s fun to play the part of the bad guy, but it’s hard to play the part of a truly evil and malicious guy; the latter I really can’t get into or even understand the appeal of.

5 01 2012
Adventurer Historian

I’m in the same boat. It’s quite fun to play an Imperial Agent who despises the Sith; it means I can make all the bad choices for the right reasons, with the added bonus of refusing the give the respect “due” to the Sith. But to be be “in character”, I have to get use to a degree of violence that my Light Side characters never participate in.

5 01 2012

Paragon Cmdr. Shepard. He’ll go to great lengths to not kill you and firmly believes anybody can be redeemed. However, left with no other choice, he’ll kill you.

it’s the “no other choice” part that makes it okay; I feel Bioware has done a remarkably good job – both in past games and so far as I’ve seen in TOR – o convincing me that all other avenues are closed to me for reasons beyond my character’s influence. He wants to help, but the greater good is what he has to settle for at times. I wanted to help that weird little impy guy, I did; I felt for him. I didn’t kill him, but I basically did by stripping him of the thing that made him dangerous to many, many others.

5 01 2012
Adventurer Historian

My big hang up came on from an Imperial Agent’s mission on Balmorra. Spoilers follow, for a small side quest.

It was just a random mission you can run, not connected to the class story: an Imperial officer wants you to scalp comlinks off of dead soldiers and replace them with booby-trapped ones. The idea is that when the rebels take the comlinks and try to activate them, they’ll blow their heads off.

The munitions maker, a conscripted Balmorran, points out that civilians also take the comlinks; the booby-trapping will be killing enemy combatants as well as innocent civilians. He asks you to consider booby-trapping the deads’ grenades, instead.

Trying to be a good guy and minimize civilian casualties, I agreed with the latter, and went for the grenades. Of course I got lightside points, but…

After the fact, the imperial officer said that he had started receiving reports of rebel grenades exploding; was I at fault for that? I admitted to changing his plan, and received an incredible berating. First off — I had unilaterally countermanded his order, diminishing his own authority with his soldiers. Secondly — by not informing him of my plans, I had placed Imperial soldiers at risk; they, too, scavenge grenades, and if those soldiers weren’t already dead, the grenades they collected would have to be thrown out. And thirdly — the whole point was to scare the civilians. The Empire didn’t have the time nor the resources for a war of attrition. Scaring the civilian population into complacency was one of the few viable tactics left to the officer.

So I thought long and hard about morality, and acceptable uses of violence, and what constituted legitimate tactics in asymmetrical warfare.

And then I started to play a Republic character.

5 01 2012
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