Slicing has been fixed.

27 12 2011

From the patch notes:

“Rewards from Slicing have been reduced to bring them into balance with other skills.”

And there it is; no longer an unreasonable money maker, perhaps…but we’ll see what those using it are saying a week from now.

ADDENDUM: The spin machine is already in motion, of course. Maintain a healthy amount of skepticism should you choose to examine posts in threads like this one. It could be that the numbers are true and that the nerf Slicing took was too stiff. This kind of tuning isn’t as simple as people seem to think it is; it’s not like they just scale every value that comes out of the crew skill by a single static scalar (though I suppose its possible, I’d be pretty surprised). Tuning this stuff gets complicated as – very often – skills like these are meant to produce a certain amount of benefit which does not change linearly over the course of the game. It’s undoubtedly near-fitted to a curve…not a pretty curve, mind you…and it’s parts of (or all of) that curve they’re trying to adjust.

I could be wrong, of course. Maybe it is a very simple tweak. Whether those sad-looking numbers (in the post) are accurate or not, it shouldn’t be a surprised that Slicing needs a bit more tuning. ❤




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28 12 2011

It’s funny, I honestly can’t feel much of a difference compared to before the patch. I even kept an eye on the income of the first 5 lock boxes I received from my ship droid after 15-20 minute missions (while I was level 21 in Nar Shaddaa):

1. 645 for mission gave a lock box with 1064.
2. 645 for mission gave a lock box with 996.
3. 870 for mission gave a lock box with 2019.
4. 665 for mission gave a lock box with 1021.
5. 665 for mission gave a lock box with 961.

After this I stopped counting.

28 12 2011

Thanks for sharing that, Chordian. I do have a (until now) undislosed suspicion that the people complaining are just having “bad luck streaks”; their sample sets are probably too small for them to draw conclusions. 😉

Of course, it could be that it’s broken for some and not for others or some other weird “How did they build this system?” kind of thing, but it’s good to see at least somebody with evidence enough that it’s not entirely broken.

29 12 2011

Either that or they added some kind of dependency. Maybe level and/or how rich you are.

For the above counting I had around 80K and was level ~21.

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