By the way, Happy Holidays!

26 12 2011

My online presence has been pretty light with all of the travelling and visits involved; you probably know how that goes. My TOR experience is in temporary hibernation as the machine I carry with me can’t really run any games: it’s mine for portability and battery life, not gaming potential. Still, here I am, a day after my family’s chosen gift day, new shirt on me and a pleasant demeanor about me.

Those of you lying in wait for my Light-side Sith experience, take heart. My pro-Empire friends chose a PVE server and I’ll be rolling on there at the end of the week to experience the first leg of the adventure. I wonder how much gear and even how many powers will be closed to me for my choice. Consider that I enjoyed enduring all three of the debuffs when seeking the first Jedi Councils first dissenter: I knew the traps and that there was no Dark Side gain for pretending to be Dark Side…but my character refused. That’s the kind of player I am.

Enjoy what time you all have left with your families. 🙂 I’ll be around but not nearly as writing-focused until next week.




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