Almost….there……. *beeping sounds from targeting computer*

16 12 2011

There are really two ways to approach the imminent launch of an MMO. I can either rage on the forums about how the developers should be moving faster so that I can play…or I can do something that is both more reasonable and more fun: I can muse about how I will play the game.

After further reading I find myself at a toss-up on how to approach crafting in TOR. First off, my previous understanding was flawed and now – even though it’s ostensibly corrected – I find myself suspicious. Really, what do we know about the crafting, other than the obvious “very little”?

I’m going to be a Jedi Seer (the healer, or a healer, as I understand it) and thus my light saber will be more of a pretty (a veeerrry pretty) decoration than a fundamental attribute to my avatar. That brings me to armor and gadgets. Really, my decision boils down to one thing that I do not know: can I create mods for armor using Synthweave, or do I need Cybertech to create mods for my armor?

After a cursory glance at both recipe lists, it really does look like Cybertech is the way for me to go. If I understand mods correctly, they can be slotted and possibly removed and re-slotted into gear, making gear that’s low-level but pretty still effective late game. This will allow me to grow into and stick to a look for my Jedi: something I very much want to do.

As for gathering skills, my understanding is that I can get three of them. I’m eyeballing Diplomacy because, really…Diplomacy used to gather mats makes the “Herbalism”-picking skill look like E.T. for Atari 2600; it’s also thematically appropriate for a consular. Yes, that’s a motivator. If Cybertech is the path, Salvaging seems like the key gathering skill for it, so I’ll definitely pick that up. And I’ve heard a lot of good things about Slicing, so despite the fact supply & demand may make it impotent as we all pick up Slicing, I’ll try it anyway.

As for Mr. Brightside/Lightside Sith, if I had a choice I would skip the crafting and just hire myself out as a merc-tank. Was it EQ or AC where there was a class that at level one could cast a foot-speed movement buff on people that uber-level characters would just dump gold on that player for? Whatever happened to using in-game currency to pay for services like that? Tipping kind of happens in WoW, but I’ve seen more than a few people that actually complain about the idea. Reminds me of Star Wars Galaxies for my very brief stint as a male human dancer where people would walk up, reap the benefits of my dancing, then run off sans tip.

What was I saying? Oh, yea. There’s a person behind that avatar. What would Mr. Rodgers think of the way you’re treating them?

So. Cybertech, Diplomacy, Salvaging, and Slicing.

Also in a predictable and dramatic change of heart, I’ll likely be picking up TOR when it hit shelves on Tuesday morning. YOU CALLED IT.




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